Who are we ?

      Company "S.A.B. Trade" D.O.O. is founded 10.03.2004 in city of Niš, Dragačevska 24. As our logo says SAB - SERVICE, DISPENSERS (Automati), CALIBRATION (Baždarenje), we are in business of making and servicing gas stations. 

      Specifically electric and pneumatic instalations, manhole instalations, petrol, diesel and LPG undergroung reservours and so on. We have all necessary sertificates required for work on the field and for issuing use permit. Also we provide softver support and maintenance for whole station.


     What is our capacity?

     We currently employs over 40 people of various occupations  Our employees are trained to professionally perform all tasks that this type of work requires. 

      In our property we have a LPG station with facilities for bottle filling and a petrol station.

      The LPG station is located in the city of Niš suburb Ledena Stena.  Over it we are cappable to provide all of our business partners in Serbia with LPG, namely PBM, propane - butane mixture.

      Petrol station is positioned on the road Niš - Leskovac near village Malošište.

      Naturaly we maintain and improve our LPG and petrol station.They represent proofe of our quality work and profeionalism.


      Way of doing business.

      In the last 10 years of our existence we have been proven our selves as reliable company and bussines partner of integrity.

      We deal with dozens of companies, in Serbia and abroad. Our foreign business partners are located in Italy, Turkey, Austria and Germany.


      What are our plans for the future ?

      Our plans for the future are clear. In addition to the continuous improvement of business processes and training workers, we are also planning to expand the LPG-transport capacities to the petrol station Malošište.

      With the purchase of modern machinery we keep pace with the time.

      Expansion of service - development center with additional number of necessary workers, in need of gowing market demands, is continuously performed since our founding.

Dragačevska 24, 18000 Niš
063\693-523 ,018\582-087, fax: 018\580-918

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